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Monday, July 12, 2010

Outside, Looking In

Alot of people ask alot of questions. My answer to them is simply, "Knowledge is Experience". You will never truly know something until you EXPERIENCE IT! Just about everyone that knows me asks: Why do you read so much? Why do you read what you read? Why are you into what you are into? What made you make these changes and decisions in your life? Like I said before hand, KNOWLEDGE IS EXPERIENCE! Take time out of you conformist life and step outside of the box. Experience LIFE how you were meant to. Just because everyone else is doing something, doesn't mean that you have to follow in their footsteps. Just like my mother and most likely every mother has said, "If they all jumped off a bridge, would you?". Sadly, too many people do not realize that they have already taken that plunge. That giant leap of Faith into a world which they do not acknowledge to be hurtful to their existence. The music, the clothes, the language, your demeanor, everything about you is far, far, far away from uniqueness. It is more than likely a copy of what someone else is doing or have done. Or it is the result of just going with the crowd and not realizing your true potential. Skinny jeans is a good subject to relate to this. This trend has spread like a wildfire throughout our younger generation, without them even knowing what they are truly doing. One sees something on TV and all the sudden they have to be like that person who they see(or Idolize in some occasions). Record executives put out music and tells us, "Here, this is what you want, this is what you need, how you should live your life". And it's so wrong. It's wrong because too many people have lost sight of TRUTH. Truth that how we live is wrong. How we treat each other(especially females) is entirely wrong and shameful.

About three years ago, I made a life-changing decisions that I will never regret. I converted to Islam. The religion of peace. Everything in the Qu'ran makes sense and if followed correctly(if you have a legitimate copy), will change lives. Like I previously posted, God Helps The Ones Whom Help Themselves. Once you have made that decision to help yourself, then is the time to try and help others. One should not force another to follow their path, but encourage them to try and find their own. Life is an adventure(journey). It is something that is handled and traveled uniquely different from everyone else. Until you fall into confomity. If you know me and ever wondered why I am into everything I am into. Stop living your life how everyone else expects you too. Worry about how Most-High(GOD) looks at you and not how the next person does. When you do this and follow your own path which He has laid out for you. You will realize that you are no longer inside the chaos and misery, but merely......Outside.......Looking In.

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