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Monday, July 12, 2010

It's All In Your LAST Impression......

The usual saying goes "First Impressions Are Everything", but I sincerely disagree. Like the seasons, people are made to change. Change into what I believe we were Created to actually be. At least start on the path and realize the wrongs and mistakes in your life to learn from them. Make a better future for yourself and ones around you. I once heard a statement that "....You are here because you are able to do something that no one else can....". What I got from that is each one of us have purpose. Purpose that we have to realize during our probation in this world. Like I said before, we have to will ourselves to be guided. Be open to all opportunities and options that He presents for us. @CordeliaBrabbs mention on my twitter that she was reminded of a quote from the movie "Evan Almighty". Morgan Freeman playing God in the movie stated that, if you asked God for happiness would you expect Him to send someone named "Happiness"? What she took from this is that we should keep our eyes and ears open to all of His gifts and opportunities that He gives us. My new recent slogan is "It's Your World......Create It!". That basically means you decided how you want to live. How miserable or content you really want to be all falls on your shoulders. With the help of Most-Gracious, of course. How you choose to live your life leaves a lasting mark on this world. I have over the past 3-4 years made the decision to make this choice wisely. The only one to make sense. I see alot of wrong in this world just like the next man. But the only difference is that I choose to make this life, one for the record books. As far as God, Most-High will allow my reach. I will soar for peace and salvation and education of the people of this world. Education on Peace, Truth, Falsehoods, & Life. First impressions are everything???? Well, say what you may, but I'm going to make my last one EVERLASTING.

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  1. Yup you only get one shot with those first impressions,make it your best shot,because once you make one, that's it!
    Hope things are going well for you my friend,life can be a bitch sometimes,but then thats what makes us stronger!
    No pain,no gain,NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS LIFE.