Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Good Guys Always Win!

Life's an adventure. That was my reply to a co-worker the other day during a little discussion of ours. You gotta think. In just about every movie the good guys do always win. Up until recently(the past decade or so), we have been "rooting" for the bad guys. The first big remake of the Batman movie, The Joker was more popular than the main star. So long happy endings. What if every movie had as much happy endings as they did in past times, or better yet more? What if every movie had a happy ending? They would become undesirable, just as they have become today. But in all actuality, its the total opposite. We all know and can agree that what is done in the dark will come to light. All falsehoods will be eventually known for what they truly are. And that Truth will ultimately overcome all opposition. In every Indiana Jones movie, Jones always successfully completed his adventure. Every movie or story with some type of character has a desired result of their adventure. Then we look at the word, adventure. It is a journey, a trip, a beginning and an end, a point A and a point B, a start and a finish. Life is falls into this category easily. It has a start(birth) and a finish(death). The main story, plot, is what transpires between "Point A" & "Point B"? What choices have you made and are going to make? Some people differ on the importance of knowing the past. In my opinion, history is one of our greatest witnesses. If you know the past and are currently viewing the present, then you should have a decent understanding of what is soon to come. Every one's path, journey, is different. Each has it's unique good moments and bad moments. But as you look at what each character had with them on all of their quests. Faith. Whether it be faith in their own abilities, the help they had, or faith in someone looking out for them. What ever it may be, it is faith that is ultimately the main reason for their success. Now you have to think. What do you have faith in? What can you have faith in? What should you have faith in? To have faith in another human is okay, but not guaranteed. We all are human and are imperfect. We all are unable to guarantee a result because we do not have complete control over what happens in our lives. To have faith in yourself is a plus, but still is not sufficient. Like I said, we all are humans and do not have total control over our lives. We cannot simply look into the future and guarantee a certain desire or result of something. But with the common belief in a Supreme Divine Being, a God, One God, we see that He is synonymous with Truth. He is able to give you that guarantee and we are able to feel confident that we will get what was promised to us, whatever it may be, reward or punishment. Now knowing this, we should come to the conclusion that His word, His guidance, His path is the True one. The one that we can have faith in. We can look toward Him with an optimistic point of view. But some have lost faith and do not know it. They say "Ignorance is bliss", but not knowing the truth of your actions can possibly and most likely harm your soul for eternity. Jesus said that are lives are more valuable than two little sparrows. But it is my opinion that many have lost that perspective and the truth behind this parable. Jesus lets us know that we will be looked after, sustained, & cherished with just faith. The animals did not want a choice to have faith or not. We have one and many chose not have faith. Most Gracious(God) is the cherisher and sustainer of the worlds(Praises are eternally due to Him). Jesus told us that Most High takes care of these little birds, that they do not have to worry about food and basic necessities. He then asked, "Do you not think that you life is worth more than a sparrow's?". If you really sat down and "counted your blessings", you will soon find yourself in an impossible task. Even if you actually "think" that you have completed such a task, there still are the unknowns. And who is the knower of all the unknowns? Praise Be To God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. There are countless amount of things that have blessed to us with us even knowing that it even was on the account of Him basically looking out for us. So many people attribute good fortune to self-accomplishment, someone or something else, or some made up deity. My mother scoffed at me when I mentioned the parable to her. Now mind you this is a woman who was raised in a christian family and raised me the same(until I did my own soul searching). Not that her religion has priority over the issue I am trying to discuss, but it was her all too common take on how Lord of the Worlds takes care of us. To have that type of point of view, that even with faith we still have to worry about what we really need in this life(not the material foolish wants), but what we really have to have as essential to a healthy and rewarding existence, it just boggles my mind completely. That is what I mean by lacking the proper faith to complete you journey with the desired results. The guarantee that we need in our lives, ever so more than before. Faith is rapidly decreasing in alarming rates. Atheism is growing tremendously even more than before in our country's history. If you have belief in One God, The One True God, and have faith in Him and his works. Then your journey or should I say adventure will be guaranteed to have the result of the character's in the movies. Because THE GOOD GUYS ALWAYS WIN!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lost In The Wilderness.

Now really stop for a minute and think.....................

This world has to end sometime. As do everything else on this planet. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING has a term. People, nations, plants, animals, everything. Like everyother great nation in history, you gotta think.....this country has one also. But when is it? Do you even care? Chances are.....not really. You may say you do, but you deep down inside really don't. If you did, hopefully you will begin to question, why? Why this country? Why is it ending? How is it gonna end? Who or what will end it? The other day I did something that caught my attention for awhile. I went to type in the Google search bar the phrase "the us is" and what popped up in the auto-completion drop down window shocked me. I encourage you to do this yourself.