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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stephanie: Another Dream I Had One Night.......

Like most dreams that I can recall, the beginning or how I found myself in that particular situation is a little blurry. The main details I can describe are as follows. I was in a dinning room. I say "a" dinning room, because it was unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. The setup was somewhat close to my mother's. The main difference were the colors and some furniture. The walls were white, and to my recollection, it was daytime. I can remember that because it was unusually bright in the house. Almost like there were double the amount of light bulbs burning. So there had to be some light outside, or maybe not. Because just now, a scene popped in my head, and I saw night or dusk out the kitchen window, when reminiscing on the dream. But the time of day is not really relevant to this topic or description. But at the same time, I will try my best to relay the most detailed descriptions in order to put in my shoes the best I can. I had some awareness of my sister being around. I do not know exactly where, but maybe in the house. I just felt it. Mainly, because of the conversation that my mother and myself were having basically involved her. I also have some type of "lost memory" feeling about a portion before my mother and I talking.
The conversation seemed to be already in motion, when she started talking about my sister's new friend, Stephanie. I believe she mentioned something about my sister liking her and she seemed alright(?), but one thing(I am certain of this). The word she used to describe Stephanie's character was "serious". She said something like ".....she's okay, but she's just real serious. ....". Now the next small couple series of events, I remember being conscious of everything that was going on. I just can't remember exactly the actions led me to the next scene. I remember calling back a number(sort of) to see who it was. Something like they called earlier, but we don't have caller ID.(you will see what I'm trying to break down as far as how I perceived this dream and realizing that I was also changing it as I went.) But the next scene that I remember vividly starting is myself answering the kitchen phone. The walls were different in the kitchen, they were all white, same as the rest of the house. The phone was the same as the one in my mother's kitchen, though. I answered the phone with a sort of "intuitive knowing" of who was on the other end before picking it up. It was Stephanie. She had an attitude. She said something like "....why are you calling my phone like "who's this, someone called here....who's this" and stuff......" and she continued on a little bit after that all in a uptight rude demeanor about her language. I cut her off and in a few short words, I put her in her place. Basically explaining that I had seen this number and was trying simply find out who it was. Looking back now, it seems to imply that one of my previous actions in this dream sequence was calling her(more than once) and leaving voicemails. Even though as I am telling her this, I am looking at the phone and knowing that we don't have caller ID, but it was kinda like I changed the story. Like we had caller ID, but while telling her this explaination, I glanced at the phone and kinda took it away, by remembering that my mother doesn't have caller ID. Then after my abrupt interruption, there was somewhat of a suspense filled silence that followed. "I love you", she soon said, with a passionate soft tone. I just replied, "Yea, alright." nonchanlantly projecting disbelief in her convictions, but at the same time knowing before she said it that I kind of expected a response similar right before and during my little interruption after her rant. Almost left out another detail, although it may or may not place any significance. One of my first cousins on my dad's side was walking past during the silence that followed the interruption. She had on a red top and black pants. She asked me for a piece of gum, while I was peeling and playing with a piece of dead skin on my finger. I told her that I don't have any, but my sister did. She proceed into the kitchen, and said something like, she didn't really want any gum or food or something. I also believe that my sister was possibly in the kitchen. Just sort of felt it, when my older cousin went into the kitchen.
After those words were said by her(Stephanie)my reply came, my cousin walked past, Stephanie pronouced her love for me, my response was next, then the waking stage started to take place. But this time it was slowed. It was slower than usual. The scene kinda went into a lightly faded "orb" shape ball with a fainting glowing. It moved in an instant to the upper-left corner of my vision, and it went to black. The black faded out to me laying there, awake, looking at the window at my feet. Almost as if my eyes were open during the whole dream, like they never opened during the waking process. I just didn't sense the feeling of opening my eyes during this. Then one my nephews opened the door. I kind of perceived this event happening before it did. It's hard to explain, so I ask for you to bear with me. The door opening would have woke me. Infact, it would have been a disturbance kind of waking like that(not enjoyable, especially after a dream). But I caught it like a second or two before it happened. The whole waking process was incredible this time. I had one that was pretty interesting, but hard to explain and remember. This one was slowed down, with time for me to really notice everything that was going on. I was aware of a lot of things. Not to mention, I was practicing more meditation before this dream sequence.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's All In Your LAST Impression......

The usual saying goes "First Impressions Are Everything", but I sincerely disagree. Like the seasons, people are made to change. Change into what I believe we were Created to actually be. At least start on the path and realize the wrongs and mistakes in your life to learn from them. Make a better future for yourself and ones around you. I once heard a statement that "....You are here because you are able to do something that no one else can....". What I got from that is each one of us have purpose. Purpose that we have to realize during our probation in this world. Like I said before, we have to will ourselves to be guided. Be open to all opportunities and options that He presents for us. @CordeliaBrabbs mention on my twitter that she was reminded of a quote from the movie "Evan Almighty". Morgan Freeman playing God in the movie stated that, if you asked God for happiness would you expect Him to send someone named "Happiness"? What she took from this is that we should keep our eyes and ears open to all of His gifts and opportunities that He gives us. My new recent slogan is "It's Your World......Create It!". That basically means you decided how you want to live. How miserable or content you really want to be all falls on your shoulders. With the help of Most-Gracious, of course. How you choose to live your life leaves a lasting mark on this world. I have over the past 3-4 years made the decision to make this choice wisely. The only one to make sense. I see alot of wrong in this world just like the next man. But the only difference is that I choose to make this life, one for the record books. As far as God, Most-High will allow my reach. I will soar for peace and salvation and education of the people of this world. Education on Peace, Truth, Falsehoods, & Life. First impressions are everything???? Well, say what you may, but I'm going to make my last one EVERLASTING.

Outside, Looking In

Alot of people ask alot of questions. My answer to them is simply, "Knowledge is Experience". You will never truly know something until you EXPERIENCE IT! Just about everyone that knows me asks: Why do you read so much? Why do you read what you read? Why are you into what you are into? What made you make these changes and decisions in your life? Like I said before hand, KNOWLEDGE IS EXPERIENCE! Take time out of you conformist life and step outside of the box. Experience LIFE how you were meant to. Just because everyone else is doing something, doesn't mean that you have to follow in their footsteps. Just like my mother and most likely every mother has said, "If they all jumped off a bridge, would you?". Sadly, too many people do not realize that they have already taken that plunge. That giant leap of Faith into a world which they do not acknowledge to be hurtful to their existence. The music, the clothes, the language, your demeanor, everything about you is far, far, far away from uniqueness. It is more than likely a copy of what someone else is doing or have done. Or it is the result of just going with the crowd and not realizing your true potential. Skinny jeans is a good subject to relate to this. This trend has spread like a wildfire throughout our younger generation, without them even knowing what they are truly doing. One sees something on TV and all the sudden they have to be like that person who they see(or Idolize in some occasions). Record executives put out music and tells us, "Here, this is what you want, this is what you need, how you should live your life". And it's so wrong. It's wrong because too many people have lost sight of TRUTH. Truth that how we live is wrong. How we treat each other(especially females) is entirely wrong and shameful.

About three years ago, I made a life-changing decisions that I will never regret. I converted to Islam. The religion of peace. Everything in the Qu'ran makes sense and if followed correctly(if you have a legitimate copy), will change lives. Like I previously posted, God Helps The Ones Whom Help Themselves. Once you have made that decision to help yourself, then is the time to try and help others. One should not force another to follow their path, but encourage them to try and find their own. Life is an adventure(journey). It is something that is handled and traveled uniquely different from everyone else. Until you fall into confomity. If you know me and ever wondered why I am into everything I am into. Stop living your life how everyone else expects you too. Worry about how Most-High(GOD) looks at you and not how the next person does. When you do this and follow your own path which He has laid out for you. You will realize that you are no longer inside the chaos and misery, but merely......Outside.......Looking In.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Janelle: A dream I had the other night......

The original action is still kinda blurry, but me and a long time friend that I haven't seen in a long time, Michael (gradeschool) were talking, it was night time, then all the sudden two ladies walked past us, light indistinct conversation were heard coming from them. They got into their car. We proceeded after them. I was sitting behind the passenger, mike was sitting behind the driver. They weren't scared of these stangers getting into the car with them, maybe a bit shocked or suprised, but not scared. I then started to ask questions to the passenger after driving for a bit. I asked her name. She said it was Janelle. They both were dark brown skinned(maybe a little lighter, it was dark out, and in the car). But I believe that before she told me her name or afterwards, she asked me a question. She said we can go backwards or forwards with this, after my line of questions. I replied, "well going backwards can be a good thing. It can help you learn from the past. But I've been going backwards for a while now, and I am ready to go forward". She smiled. or aleast I felt a smile come from her, I believe. The energy of a smile. It felt good. like she was impressed or really liked my response. But then after she told me her name, I said "what about your friend."(noticing that my friend wasn't talking to her at all) I then felt a strong kinda disappointment from Janelle, I think. At the moment I asked that question I turned to her friend who was driving, but she started staring directly in my eyes the moment I turned my head towards her and we locked eyes kind of like magnets. But this stare caught my attention something serious though. Her eyes. Her eyes caught mine and I felt something run thru my body. An energy that is hard to explain. It felt good. Really good actually. Like I was staring into my long love's eyes. It was strange(but not strange) that her eyes seemed to have a sort of glow to them. The car was dark and I can only recall silouhettes and other minor details of visual aspect. But they really had a light glow to them, and it would make you look directly and firstly at them when glancing at her. Similar to colored contacts. Then she turn her attention back to the road and I think that was the moment I woke up. It was and still is so vividly easy to remember for some reason. I instantly felt the urge to write about it before I forgot(which I still haven't), to use it for future purposes if needed.

The dream caught my attention later because I noticed that I kinda instinctively knew that they wouldn't mind us getting into the car with them. Almost like everything that happened I already knew was going to come. All except for her friend and them eyes. Plus I was practicing meditation prior to sleeping. This I believe helped me achieve this dream. Also I do not believe that I was sleep for more than a couple hours maybe 3 at the most, while REM sleep starts after 5-6 hours of sleep. Amazing to my recollection, because of the connection between meditation and sleep, I believe exists. I also had two other dreams prior to this one, but the first I don't recall, and the second I only can recall a small portion of it.

God Helps The Ones Whom Help Themselves

This phrase has just recently intrigued me. My mind sparked. A fuse blew and as usual, I suddenly found myself, well.....talking to myself. Now hearing that phrase, it will be taken basically two different ways. One understanding of this I will address this in further detail in a moment to explain, and while the other is still thinking "why is this fool talking to himself?". Like I said as usual, meaning that recently I have been having these spontaneous realizations frequently. The feeling can undoubtedly be synonymous with an epiphany. It is so deep that it cannot be suppressed by mere mental thought. It is almost like its obligated to escape. Escape and break through the mental one-way mirror, and easily roll of the tongue like it's engaged in conversation with another individual. The pieces are starting to come together, but verbally. Point blank, from the research I have done so far on "LIFE" and everything about it(not trying to imply that every subject about it was researched, just the main ones I thought were essential or unknowingly dire to our existence), I have come to a lot of new perspectives and opinions which can sooner than later be proven as Fact. Creation, purpose, knowledge & where did it come from, is there life on only our planet, history of religion, God, the messages of the Prophets(I say "message" because this was often overlooked more than the Prophet who delivered it, which I will discuss in a moment), the multiplicity of the Human Race from the Original Pair, & the bearer of multiple opinions, the muchly anticipated Year of 2012. Not to say that it is impossible for someone on that has been or currently living on this planet to know the exact date, but I'll just leave it at "year". I am just merely stating my point of view of the last 2-10 years. I have chosen these two numbers because they have significance. 2 is including some of Bush's last year as President and Obama's first year and then some. 10 is the sum all from when Bush took office and to the present day. Each year had it's own set of "periods" of events, it seemed. Periods as to say someway similar to the events talked of in the Book of Revelations. Now again, not to say that they are occurring how the book mentioned, but everything that has happened in those years seemed to happen in sequences. Like it was designed to happened so. Or like it is a prelude or say a countdown to something. Something Big, in my opinion. So to approach this subject, as with all things in life you trying to attain new unknown knowledge about, let us empty our cups. Approach this matter with a child like mind. Always wanting to know something because you TRULY want to know. Not just so you can dispute about it or create some assumptions of your own about it or plainly ask just to ask and don't really intentionally(most times unknowingly) want to know. Just think. Our world is changing before our own eyes. We see this when we turn on the news, throughout our daily lives, and especially when we reflect on history or past events. Something is coming. Something is wrong in this world. Like in the past, there will come to past a new world. Something better than this one. Perfect to say the least. The Creator has been waiting for his chosen and/or waiting to be able to create that world for his chosen. I look at people helping themselves as how I think the only way you should look at it. How would God(The Creator) want you to help yourself and with what, in particular? What is the One Thing in our lives that He doesn't want to help us with? A part of my realization was that he wants people willing to try and find his path, and to be guided by Him own their own accord. Now this is just a portion of the position on this matter. But I believe that if you are one of the few that actually make this attempt. Most-High will acknowledge this(or these) attempt(s) and will guide you to Him. Why sit around and be only satisfied with what you believe is guidance and light. When actually, it doesn't seem to be fulfilling. It may seem that way, but deep down there still is something. Something that fills missing, like it's there and we know that it has to be privileged to us, but somehow is held back. The one thing I continue to stress on is Faith(I avoid implying a religion or a secular type of belief, just the common belief in THE "ONE" TRUE GOD(THE SOURCE OR CREATOR). I read something, which I won't dig into for it will be irrelevant for this subject of post, that which a man said that he, during remote viewing,talked to Jesus. And when he asked him if someone did not call on his name, would they not evolve fully. Jesus seem, from the description given by this man, upset when asked this questions. He then forcefully stated that a name is nothing. Now to get into why I put up above "the message of the Prophets". Because during my recent research and readings, I have notice one piece describing the frustration on The Creator's part because of the humans need to take more attention on the deliver of the message than the message itself. The message was always the most important and the only thing that mattered. Not who the person was, where did one get this message, etc. The actual analysis should have been on the message. Jesus said if that we were able to do wonderful things. Alot of people, it seems, overlook this sometimes. He said that we were able to tell mountains to move. WE HAVE THAT CAPABILITY. It's obvious that the things that Jesus did were from a Special Higher Authority and gave him the knowledge he had about life. What I took from this was that we are not quite there yet as far as these abilities that Jesus spoke of. We have to find a way to get these abilities. Also he spoke of an Eternal World, an Eternal Life. Pure bliss. But we are able to attain somewhat of a higher level of life in this life. I don't say this world because I believe that a new one is on the way, and soon. When I say higher life, I mean it to be understood as Higher Knowledge. With Higher Knowledge and nothing but pure, righteous usage only, you can attain peace on earth. We are only a blink of an eye away from getting this type of faith, this new Higher Knowledge, a new lease and look on life. But it all sums down to the same, often overlooked matter. WHAT IS THE ONE THING THAT GOD DOES NOT WANT TO HELP YOU WITH? I have heard many different opinions as to the answer of this question. But I only heard the right one once. We have Limited Free-Will. I take this as He doesn't want to make or help us want to be guided(though things may occur in our lives that scream, turn & pray). I state again. WE HAVE LIMITED FREE-WILL. What Are You Doing With Yours?