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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just travel your OWN path.

Just travel your own path. You help people and some end just hurting you in the end. You can grow attached to people, but they will eventually leave you. You think you have found the answer to EVERYTHING, but then the same feeling comes again in another form. Just travel your path.
You receive short-term happiness, but only receive long-term pain right afterwards. Slowly, you realize(if you are aware) that the long-term pain helps to deal with a constant bombardment of small bursts of short-term pain. In the end, stay focused and positive. Learn to create your world, not just a participant. Sometimes you have to just keep your big mouth shut. People will live their OWN individual lives and make their OWN choices. Some influence may play a small part, but ultimately the decision will be theirs to make.
I know what "I" know. Knowledge is Experience. Remember that. If you take anything from these posts, let it be that statement. I cannot put any information into your mind. You have to let it in. You have to be attentive and understand and ask questions if you do not.

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