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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Travels! (Regrets)

I have only had one regret in my life. I NEVER regretted a thing, mainly because of my belief of "everything happening for a reason". Even if that's true, I still have this one single regret. There are somethings that I do wish I could have changed. If only I could go back and think harder during certain situations, instead of getting the real and clear picture too late. But I can't. Life is a labyrinth. But with unlimited exits. And only one entrance. Once you leave thru one exit, you soon realize that you have only walked into another. But you take something with you this time that you did not have before you entered into the previous maze. What makes the journey even more difficult is that you are traveling with everyone else, but you walk yours alone. All walk the same type of labyrinth, but all differ in experiences, situations, and lessons learned. Keep a child-like mentality when it comes to encountering new information and you will do just fine in the end of your travels. Do not approach situations with a "prearranged" opinion. Empty your cup and transform it into a bottomless cup. You cannot build on a foundation for a new building where another building already rests. But you can build right next to it or take the building down. And when you travel your path, acknowledge to yourself, that you do not need a map nor compass. But that you ARE that compass and map. Everyone has their own name for it, but IT is in you to guide you. Happy Travels!

"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, & that is that I know nothing. -Socrates"

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