Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dime for your thoughts?

I went thru the pants I had on earlier from work to exchange everything in the pockets to the pants I was planning on wearing. The last thing I took out was a dime. Now, my first thoughts were to toss it in my change jar, but "something" "told" me to keep it, that I''ll need it and I would see why when it happens. Well, a short time afterwards, I went to the gas station and, while waiting in line, a young boy in front of me glanced back at me, then looked at the two other older gentlemen in front of him and asked, "Do either of you have a dime?". All I could do is smile as I reached into my pocket to give him the aforementioned dime and tell myself.......this was a sign. Also, it was not the first time I followed with my "impulse", only to be rewarded later on with the satisfaction of witnessing in first-person the power of the mind and intuition. And instead of dealing with the most common thought a person has after NOT following thru and listening to their instincts/impulse/Inner-Voice/God-Voice, "I KNEW THAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN!". "Are we born not knowing? Or are we born knowing all?"-Damian Marley(Patience) PEACE & BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOURS